Meet the Bobbins!

04 Jan 2024


Embark on the Bobbins’ Misadventures: A Tale of Travel Planning Woes
Every journey begins with a destination in mind, and our lively companions, Clive, Rodger, and Maria, are no exception. Join us on our social media as we unravel the misadventures of these three intrepid Bobbins who learned the hard way about the pitfalls of avant-garde travel planning tools.


Clive’s Hopeless Holiday:


Clive, the holiday hero, aimed for a serene poolside getaway with the family. However, his grand plans were thwarted by a confusing method which left him more lost than ever. From missed flights to booking mix-ups, Clive’s wanderlust was dampened by the chaos of disorganised planning. Can you guess where he ended up?

Rodger’s Meticulous Mayhem:


Rodger, the planning perfectionist, dreamt of sandy shores and serenity. Little did he know, his meticulous organisation tools led to a comedy of errors. Conflicting schedules, overlooked details, and misplaced bookings turned his well-thought-out plans into a chaotic mess, leaving Rodger exasperated and misplaced. If only he had a better way!

Kierra’s Ocean Odyssey:


Kierra, the tech-savvy Bobbin, thought her avant-garde tech tools would keep her anchored for her ocean adventure. Unfortunately, she found herself battling with complex interfaces and glitchy apps. Kierra’s attempts to stay on top of her travel plans were met with frustration, making her wish she had a one-stop-shop answer.

Through laughter and mishaps, maybe Clive, Rodger, and Kierra will discover the true hero in travel planning— Eventr. As they stumbled upon Eventr, the world of organised, flexible, and stress-free travel opened up before them. With easy team collaboration, on-the-go editing, and in-app chat, one day the Bobbins will realise the key to a successful journey was in their hands all along.

Join Clive, Rodger, and Kierra, and discover the ease and joy of travel planning with Eventr. Your adventure begins with a click!