Powerful digital itineraries in the palm of your hand

Powerful mobile itineraries for groups to keep trips running smoothly.


Mobile, digital itineraries.

Elevate your group travel experience with EventR – the ultimate itinerary planning app. Seamlessly coordinate every detail from flights to accommodations, activities, and beyond. EventR’s intuitive interface empowers users to craft dynamic itineraries, whether bookings are confirmed or still in planning. Collaborate effortlessly with in-app chat and centralised Team View Mode, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Enjoy the freedom to plan your adventure, your way, backed by a user-friendly platform. Transform your group travels into extraordinary journeys – download EventR today and embark on a new era of travel planning.

Effortless Itinerary Management 🤩

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and chaotic emails. Eventr provides a simple, intuitive platform to manage itineraries for groups of any size.

Change Plan Anytime, Anywhere ✍️

Need to make a change? No problem! EventR lets you update itineraries on-the-go, ensuring everyone stays in the loop with real-time notifications.

Integrated Chat 💬

Communicate with your group members effortlessly. EventR’s chat integration makes coordination a breeze, from planning to execution.

powerful team view 👥

Wondering what time the rest of you team arrives? Team view makes complicated travel plans easy by seeing individual plans unified in one itinerary.

Team profiles 👨‍💻

Find team members itineraries and contact details quickly and easily on their individual profiles. Perfect for creating a digital address book, or planning meet-ups with in-app direct messaging.

Want more?

EventR Coordinator Hub

The Coordinator hub gives you even more control and flexibility over your team and itineraries with the fully integrated desktop app. With added features like costing and budget tools, team management, itinerary reports and more…