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The Coordinator Hub

From effortless team management to dynamic itinerary oversight, this centralised hub ensures every detail aligns perfectly. 

EventR VIP: our hospitality service

Elevate your event experience with EventR VIP! 🌟 Seamlessly manage guest needs, streamline check-ins, and create unforgettable moments.

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EventR Coordinator

Eventr Coordinator: Key Features
Formula one

Meet Lucy, a travel coordinator for a racing team with a passion for speed and precision.

When it came to managing their travel events, Lucy needed a solution as fast-paced as their races.

That’s when they turned to EventR.

Lucy utilized our coordinator hub to streamline their trip to Bahrain and effortlessly shared all travel information with the team through our app.

No more cumbersome PDFs or complicated websites.

EventR allowed them to access everything they needed in one convenient app.

And unlike their previous solution, EventR worked flawlessly on the go, even offline.

From booking to distribution, EventR proved to be the perfect pit stop for the team.

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Collaborate effortlessly with in-app chat and centralised Team View Mode, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Enjoy the freedom to plan your adventure, your way, backed by a user-friendly platform. Transform your group travels into extraordinary journeys – download Eventr today and embark on a new era of travel planning.