Give your guests a seamless VIP event experience

Provide the highest level of hospitality service at your events with EventR VIP!


Seamless guest hospitality

EventR VIP is the answer to managing your guests needs seamlessly, enabling you to react quickly to their desires, and keep track of changes throughout your event.

Streamlined planning 📋

Effortlessly set up single or multi-day hospitality events with Eventr VIP. Invite guests via email and gain access to their preferences and requirements.

Smart booking 🤓

Know your guests’ needs in advance, from food and drinks to dietary requirements and allergies . Eventr VIP allows you to know your customer guaranteeing a seamless experience.

on-site management 👔

Simplify event check-ins with Eventr’s QR code system. Easily track who has arrived and precisely when, enhancing on-site logistics and providing real-time attendance insights.

Activity Scheduling 🗓️

Create comprehensive schedules for your events, complete with activity capacities. Whether it’s a tour, experience or seminar, Eventr VIP ensures optimal attendance by allowing pre-booking, cancellation management and reallocation.

Sponsor management 🧑‍💼

Give sponsors a platform to invite their guests. Sponsors can book anything from food and drink to complementary gifts, ensuring your experience unfolds seamlessly.

Billing Systems 💰

Create detailed invoices for your sponsors on an event-by-event basis, ensuring costs are well tracked and accounted for.

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