Group Adventures Abroad: Your Comprehensive Guide

2nd Feb 2024


Planning a group trip abroad? It’s like orchestrating a symphony of excitement, and with the right notes, it can be a masterpiece of shared memories. Whether it’s a family reunion, a mates’ escape, or a team-building retreat, here’s your guide to making it a smooth ride.


1. Set Your Goals:


Begin with the why. Is it about relaxation, team bonding, or diving deep into new cultures? Knowing your group’s goals shapes the whole journey.


2. Craft a Shared Itinerary


Picture this: a shared plan on Eventr where flights, stays, activities, and downtime are all laid out. Everyone’s on board, contributing to the adventure canvas.


3. Accommodations that Suit Everyone


Finding the right stay is crucial. From budget-friendly hostels to cosy cottages or group-friendly hotels, tailor it to the vibe your gang craves.


4. Let’s Talk – Communication is Key


Create chat threads on Eventr. It’s like your group’s virtual HQ. Real-time talks, plans, and jokes – keeping everyone in sync.


5. Budget Transparency


Money matters. Keep it transparent from day one. Use Eventr chats to tally up shared expenses, making sure everyone’s contributing without the awkwardness.


6. Respect the Local Vibes


Before you land, dive into local customs. It’s like a backstage pass to a richer experience, showing respect and avoiding unexpected hiccups.


7. Activities for All Tastes


Variety is the spice of life, right? Plan diverse activities, from city tours to team challenges. Eventr’s polls help you nail down what floats everyone’s boat.


8. Flexibility for Surprises


Plans are great, but leave room for spontaneity. A sudden rain? No worries! Eventr’s on-the-go editing means your plan is as flexible as you are.


9. Emergency Ready


Life happens. Have a plan for emergencies, and Eventr’s document feature keeps everything from medical info to emergency contacts in one secure spot.


10. After the Adventure


The journey doesn’t end when the plane lands. Gather your group, share stories, and learn. Eventr’s not just a planner; it’s a memory maker.


Embarking on a group stay abroad is an art, and with Eventr, you’re the artist. Ready to turn your travel dreams into reality? Download Eventr now, and let the adventure begin!


Happy travels!