It’s EventR Version 1.3 now!

We can finally announce the release version 1.3.0 of EventR. Head over to the app store now to download the latest version and experience all the new features and enhancements firsthand.

Available in: Google Play Store Apple App Store

Release notes

EventR Team:
  • New timezone and date time controls
  • Added selector for language (en/es)
  • Added bobbins to many pages
  • Added local date formats
  • Added syncing of clones itineraries with original (guest link)
  • Fix for some screens padding and width
  • Fix for some infinite loading screens
  • Fix for join button consistency
  • Fix for page subheadings
  • Fix for phone numbers validation
  • Fix for share location for guest role
  • Fix guest link preview pull to refresh
  • Fix for some button styles
  • Fix for header issues
Coordinator Hub:
  • Rework / extension of Planner view
  • New timezone and date time controls
  • Better data saving mechanics
  • Added some more information into dropdown fields
  • Added more tooltips for some fields
  • Added hire car and vehicle section integration
  • Added role for guest view
  • Added name format functionality to pdf and grid 


  • Fix for label alignments and styles
  • Fix for width of selectors
  • Fix for phone numbers validation

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our EventR Team or Coordinator, don’t hesitate to contact us at !