Destinations Travel Show, Olympia London

Feb 8th 2024


Last weekend, Eventr attended the Destinations Travel Show at Olympia London. We engaged with customers, users, and industry peers, and showcased Eventr’s unique features. The event provided an excellent platform for networking and discussion within the travel industry. The atmosphere was buzzing as we showcased Eventr’s unique features to the wider travel industry. We even brought the Bobbins along!

Our time at the Destinations Travel Show allowed us to connect with fellow travel enthusiasts and professionals, discussing the challenges of coordinating group travel and presenting Eventr as a solution. The app’s intuitive interface and innovative features attracted a lot of interest from attendees.

A comprehensive solution designed to simplify the complexities of group travel coordination, Eventr is more than just an itinerary planning app. Eventr offers features such as Team View, which allows users to collaborate with their travel companions, ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page throughout the planning process. In-app chat facilitates real-time communication, eliminating the need for endless email threads and streamlining decision-making.

One of the most important benefits of Eventr is the flexibility it offers. Whether your bookings are confirmed or still in the planning stage, Eventr is a flexible tool that adapts to your needs, allowing you to easily create and modify itineraries, either from our mobile app, or in our powerful desktop Coordinator Hub. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for organising group trips, corporate travel and more.

Looking back on our experience at Olympia London, we are delighted with the insightful conversations we had, the new connections we made and the positive atmosphere of the event. It further confirmed our commitment to improving the travel planning experience and enabling groups to embark on seamless journeys.

Download Eventr from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to explore Eventr for your travel needs and discover a new way to plan your travels with ease.