Coordinate magical moments with ease

Our platform is crafted to help you manage every detail of your music and live events, from behind-the-scenes logistics to the main stage moments, all in one place.

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Plan large scale events without the hassle

Effortless roadie management

Invite team members easily with our Join Team Link feature. Share a simple link to add performers, crew, and support staff to your event, and keep track of attendance, roles, and responsibilities seamlessly.

Production collaberationĀ 

Coordinate with sound, lighting, and stage setup vendors effortlessly. Share contracts, set lists, and stage plots in real-time, ensuring everyone is aligned and ready for the performance.

Detailed schedules

Create and distribute comprehensive itineraries for your event. From rehearsal schedules to performance times and load-in/load-out plans, ensure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Public v Private

Keep your behind-the-scenes crew informed without sharing sensitive information with the public. Create detailed, private itineraries for your production team, while providing public schedules for performers and attendees without compromising on security.

Budget Management

Keep track of your teamā€™s expenses with our budgeting tools. Manage costs, allocate funds, and stay within your budget to ensure your teamā€™s success without financial stress.

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Powerful digital itineraries in the palm of your hand.



A desktop hub for coordinating complex travel.