Events that are Simple, Flexible, and a lot Smarter

We empower teams with a revolutionary digital itinerary system, seamlessly coordinating travel plans and enhancing collaboration.


Simple travel for teams.

No more app switching or relying on multiple tools. EventR takes care of everything – flights, hire cars, transport, accommodation, activities, and your entire team.

Intuitive Organisation at Your Fingertips ☝

Our intuitive organisation system ensures that every detail is neatly sorted and easily accessible. Navigate through your itinerary effortlessly, leaving the days of confusion and frustration behind.

Seamless Travel Management 🚀

No more juggling between apps and drowning in travel chaos! EventR brings you seamless travel management, ensuring your team’s journey is easy. From flights and accommodation to activities, we’ve got it all covered in one user-friendly hub.

Collaboration Made Effortless 🤝

EventR is all about teamwork! Collaborate seamlessly with your squad, share ideas and make changes on-the-go. Team success starts with effective communication, and EventR has you covered.

Real-Time Updates 🔄

Stay in the loop with EventR’s real-time updates. No more anxiously refreshing your inbox for itinerary changes. Whether it’s a last-minute flight adjustment or a sudden venue change, you’ll be the first to know.

EventR Digital Itinerary App

Collaborate effortlessly with in-app chat and centralised Team View Mode, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Enjoy the freedom to plan your adventure, your way, backed by a user-friendly platform. Transform your group travels into extraordinary journeys – download Eventr today and embark on a new era of travel planning.

EventR Coordinator Hub

The Coordinator hub gives you even more control and flexibility over your team and itineraries with the fully integrated desktop app. With added features like costing and budget tools, team management, itinerary reports and more…

EventR VIP

Provide the highest level of hospitality service at your events with EventR VIP!

EventR VIP is the answer to managing your guests needs seamlessly, enabling you to react quickly to their desires, and keep track of changes throughout your event.


Build itineraries with ease

Upload your travel bookings to generate your flexible schedule.


Team travel has never been easier

Add your team members to quickly join bookings, share ideas, make suggestions, collectively create an itinerary that everyone is excited about. It’s teamwork, elevated.


Stay flexible with real-time editing

Plans change, and EventR is ready for it. With real-time updates, you can adapt your itinerary on the go. 

Delayed flight? No problem. Last-minute change in accommodation? Easily handled. Just tap the edit button whenever you need, with updates for the whole team.