Get ready for our exciting update! We’re thrilled to announce the release of Version 1.0.2 of EventR. Head over to the app store now to download the latest version and experience all the new features and enhancements firsthand.

Available in: Google Play Store Apple App Store

Release notes

EventR Team:
  • Major design changes to the header of some pages
  • Added first translation of Spanish added
  • Added dark mode
  • Added bobbins to many pages
  • Added Guest mode
  • Added invite link to itinerary
  • Fix for logo and EventR name in a few locations
  • Fix for country codes
  • Fix for displaying team friendly name incorrectly
  • Fix for swapping teams, and displaying correct teams
  • Fix for past entries button visibility and section visibility
  • Fix for clear on date selector
  • Fix for some dialog screens not being worded correctly
  • Fix for map integration of profile page link
  • Fix for uploading files
  • Fix for copying logs
  • Fix for some padding and screen size awareness
Coordinator Hub:
  • Better more defined roles added
  • More obvious saving for user
  • Fix for new itinerary page
  • Fix for buttons on smaller screens
  • Fix for default page displaying
  • Fix and some changes to timezones
  • Fix for alignment and safe area of some components

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our EventR Team or Coordinator, don’t hesitate to contact us at !